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Company Profile

Shenzhen Pu Ying Innovation Technology Corp. Ltd, since its foundation in 2012, has established itself as an innovative IT company and market leader in banking automation business by providing specialized passbook printers and high end dot matrix print heads to its strategic partners worldwide..

Thanks to the strategic acquisition of Olivetti Banking and Postal of Line Business done in March of 2016, Pu Ying Innovation becomes now one of the leading manufacturer and provider of specialized printing solution and equipment, smart printing & scanning devices, original consumables and high technology dot matrix print head through the integration of the industrial chain and the wide spread partner network.

Together with its daughter companies in Italy (Olicom International), H.K. (Olicom HK), Kunming (Olicom Kunming), Beijing( Olicom Beijing), Pu Ying Innovation/Olicom have established a long strategic partnership with both domestic and overseas partner network, spread in over 50 countries .

Pu Ying Olicoms major business covers following major fields:
Smart Printing & Scanning Business
After the acquisition of Olivetti B&P LoB business, Pu Ying Innovation has become the owner of the top two well-known passbook printers (PR2 & PR9). The total shipment of these two passbook printers in recent decade was more than 1.5 million units worldwide, occupying 60% of the high end global market;

Besides the basic model with printing solution, Olicom is also capable to supply full line of products ranging from printing, MSR, MICR and Scanner to meet the diversified request from the market. MB2 series products are the most powerful products in functionality and are the best selling products in the global market. Integrated with printing, scanning, MICR read/write, MSR read/write and USB HUB in one printer, MB2 has 100,000 units installation worldwide up till now.

Digital transformation and smart solutions
Through the strategic cooperation with the European partner, Pu Ying is capable to provide a unique one-stop offering for deep digital transformation program in every business verticals.
With the increased demand of smart solutions due to the innovation on banking & postal business, Olicom has introduced the smart device VTS (Virtual Teller Service) to the bank teller environment, as the replacement for the cashless ATM in the branches. In 2016, the company also put forward the mobile banking solutions which offers convenience and efficiency to the bank business.

Retailing ATM products
Targeting at rural financial market, Olicom provides a series of retailing ATM products which is in compliance with POS standards, providing the services to the cash dispensing demand in off-branch environment.

With a full line of products and solutions, Pu Ying/Olicom are always at your services !!