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Alberto (60 sec)
Good morning, Im Alberto Guidotti Founder & CEO of Euronovate, a Swiss company lunched 4 years ago on Finovate stage and now one of the world-wide leaders in Banking Digital Transformation Programs using Biometric e-Signature Solutions.

We provide highest level of security and legal validity to any electronic document thanks to our full software platform and unique end-to-end approach starting from legal support , consulting services, and special hardware device for electronic signature.

After consolidation of European market, in order to expand our business in China, Hong Kong and all the far-east reagion, today I am proud to announce the launch of Joint Venture with Pu Yin Olicom Technology, major player in banking digital transformation sector in all far-east market, represented today by Peter Huang, Technical Director.

Peter: chinese salutation (2 sec)
With me today also Pietro Lanza head of Global Sales & Marketing in Euronovate.

Pietro: good morning everybody (2 sec)
Alberto (30 sec)
Focus of today presentation is our new banking biometric identification solution for far-east market: our solution enhances the security levels of traditional identification methods (chip and PIN code) adding unique biometric information, collected by a special signature pad.

We aim  to offer to our customer the most user friendly, strong authentication solution to safely identify their customer.
The concept is quite simple: we add to standard chip + pin authentication, new and most secure second level of identification through biometric electronic signature. Our biometric enrollment process allows to create a unique biometric profile of the customer than every time the customer come back to your office our algorithm will identify the client.

From that moment every transaction can be performed in the fastest and most secure way.

Peter (DEMO):
To perform our identification process we use standard smart card reader, adding biometric signature pad, like our brand new ENsign 11.
In order to identify the customer we simply need to insert his microchip card in the reader and ask him to dial his PIN code on the signature pad.

Once the first level of identification is completed we will proceed to enroll the customer for biometric signature: the biometric profile could needs 3 to 6 signatures to be created.

From this moment we can sign any kind of transaction using the chip+PIN as first level to access the contract to be showed on the signature pad, once the customer is ready he can sign it directly on the pad while our solution performs a real time comparison of his signature.

Pietro (30 sec)
we are leader in Europe with one of the most secure solutions for e-signature  banking contract in the branch, mobile salesforce and web.
We are proud to launch today our solution in the Chinese market with a dedicated local team which will offer all the needed support on technology, system integration, legal & compliance and overall change management.

Alberto (10 sec)
We believe Chinese market will be our biggest one so we are ready to start very fast POC into your banks to make you test our DTM solutions.

Thanks for your attention.