Information Interactive Terminal (PY728M)


The terminal is intelligently designed with access to the counter business systems to accomplish the interactions between teller and customers and to improve the business efficiency. It provides rich functions including E-signature, password input, service comments, and multimedia display, etc. 

Equipped with 10 inches screen, the device supports the display of all kinds of information including bank teller ID, the transaction information, as well as advertisement.


Customers could be involved in the ongoing transaction. They are allowed to confirm the bank account information and other details to exercise the supervision and eliminate the operation risk during the process. After transaction the service comments could be made and then saved locally or sent to the server for analysis.

With advanced technical platform, customization capability and extended modules, this product is the best solution for bank counters.



1.CPU: Quad core 1.8G, 1G DDR3 RAM (2G optional) +16GB ROM, Android 4.4 OS.
2.Display: 10.1electromagnetic and capacitive touch screen with the resolution of 1280*800, 1024 pressure level
3.PIN pad: Total 12 keys. Support DES, 3DES and SM encryption.
Password self-protection function (invalid upon external destroy). 
Signature pen: Cordless and battery-free.
Report rate: 200 points/sec.
Pressure level: 2048.
Resolution: 4000 LPI.
Tilt angle: 45.
Precision coordinates: 0.5mm(center)
Reading height: 5mm.
5.Extended modules:
-Contactless IC card reader;
-Contact IC card or ID card reader (alternative);
-Camera (optional) which support face recognition and identification together with the microphone;
-Cash counter interface;
-Voice intercom interface;
-Finger print scanner and verification.  


Download the datasheet: