VTS (Virtual Teller Service) is designed for the replacement of cashless business of ATM in bank branches, integrates the function of tablet PC with PIN Pad, Magnetic stripe card reader, contact & contactless IC card reader, and finger print scanner. 
For the embedded Pad, Windows PRO Pad of X86 architecture is recommended, which is standard for SW development.

1.New account authorization, accounts transfer and inquiry, pre-filled forms, e-contract signing and other self-service business.
2.Password input, card reading and finger print scanning.
3.Information interactive and service guide.
4.Advertisement and financing products sale.
5.Keys encryption and self-protection function.

1.Compact design with advanced functions.
2.Easy installation with low cost of ownership.
3.High integration and security.
4.Delightful user experience through video communication.
5.Paperless operation for environment protection.
6.Flexible in mobile services.

Pad10padIntel CPU/resolution up to 1920*1080
PIN Pad15 keys/support DES3DESAESRSASM1~4.
Interface4 USB Port/ RJ45
Power supply9V/1.5A

Magnetic stripe card reader
  1.Conform to IBMISOANSIDIN standards(ISO/ANSI ISO7810/12/13)
  2. Data read on track 2 and 3.
Contactless IC card reader
  1. Conform to ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B standards.
  2. Conform to PBOC2.0PBOC3.0 standards
  3. Conform to EMV2000 standards.
  4. Conform to PC/SCCCID standards.
PIN Pad 
  1. Powerful key management..
  2. Support DES and 3DES encryption
  3. Support PIN and MAC encryption, and conform to ANSI X9.8 and ANSI X9.9 standardsISO9564 PIN management and security standards.
Contact IC card reader
  1. Conform to ISO7816-1, 2, 3 and 4 standards.
  2. Conform to PBOC2.0 and PBOC3.0 standards.
  3. Conform to EMV2000 standards
  4. Conform to PC/SCCCID standards.

Integration with multi-function modules

Installation illustrations at bank branches

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